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MISSION STATEMENT: Refutation of any degenerative (thermodynamic) bio-genesis. Personal Cause (PC) researchers are organized around the sole purpose of preventing any bio-genesis other than the regenerative (extra-thermodynamic) personal first cause to the universe from being legally recognized.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Personal Cause Narrative

Personal Cause (PC) bio-genesis requires the existence of an original author, owner and manager of all genetic (original) information. Any bio-genesis that is not framed as a Person (having legal rights of ownership) could then be considered defrauding of said Person.

The PC bio-genesis takes the origin of the universe as the conception and origin of life. Currently, the Darwinian narrative (common descent) is the accepted bio-genesis and hence the cornerstone of post-modern science. The PC narrative is rejected by the scientific establishment.

Intelligent Design (ID) and Intelligent Evolution (IA) and Neo-Darwinism (ND) are corruptions of the Personal Cause bio-genesis.

Personal Cause (PC) bio-genesis (eg. Genesis 1:1):
- In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.

Neo-Darwinist (ND) bio-genesis:
- From the Big Bang, the Universe was randomly evolved.

Intelligent Design (ID) bio-genesis:
- From the Big Bang, the Universe was intelligently designed.

Intelligent Evolution (IA) bio-genesis:
- From the Big Bang, the Universe was intelligently evolved.

Table 1 - Zachman Framework

The latter three bio-genesis(s) are deletion mutations (corruptions) of the PC in that they allow an impersonal (thermodynamic) first cause to the universe. This is the underlying legal basis for continued fraudulent claims to genetic information. Any impersonal first cause frames the genetic code as legally ownerless and hence derelict.

The laws of thermodynamics only show that the physical universe of itself is degenerating toward entropy. These degenerative laws do not speak to the obvious generative and regenerative forces that first caused and continue to cause the growth of the physical universe.

Table 1 is a Zachman framework comapring the various bio-genesis structure.

Corruption of the PC bio-genesis requires agnostic faith. Thomas Huxely wrote "Agnosticism" in 1889, and pronounced it to be a faith, complete with a bio-genesis that is a corruption of the original PC bio-genesis. Agnosticism is deliberate apostasy to the Person of the first cause, causing the defrauding of said Person.

Post-modern scientific regimes are the agnostic religions whose politics are directed towards continuing legal victories in the custody battle of the genome. Any and all evidence towards an existing author, owner and manager (regenerative PC bio-genesis) is met with refutation, favouring any impersonal bio-genesis that is thermodynamic in manufacture.

Random Mutation and Natural Selection (RM+NS) are biological expressions of entropy and thus degenerative. The continued regenerative preservation of genomic information hence transcends the laws of thermodynamics. This can be considered reasonable and sufficient proof of a thermodynamically transcendent and regenerative Personal Cause bio-genesis.

Evolution is RM+NS (biological entropy) as bio-genesis, whether random (ND), designed (ID) or front-loaded (IA). This is the crucial legalistic requirement to allow patenting of genetic material, and must be rigorously investigated and challenged.

Refutation of any degenerate bio-genesis is the Mission Statement for this blog. Personal Cause researchers are organized around the sole purpose of preventing any bio-genesis other than a thermodynamically transcendent (regenerate) Personal Cause from being legally recognized.

Historical Precendent:

1) The Book of Acts 17:22-33 describe the Apostle Paul encountering the agnostics of his day at the "Altar of the Unknown God". Agnosticism is apostasy, defrauding the PC bio-genesis of legal rights of ownership.

2) The Second Book of Thessalonians 2:3 speaks of continual and degenerate apostasy, which must be opposed until the Personal Cause exerts the transcendent legal rights entitled by ownership.